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June 20, 2017, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More info →

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Meeting of the Minds is a global thought leadership network and knowledge sharing platform focused on urban sustainability.

Meeting of the Minds brings together leaders from multiple sectors and diverse geographies to share ideas and work together to shape a common agenda. Events include monthly webinars, in-person workshops, pop-up events and an annual summit held each fall.

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Recent Blog Posts

The Author Addressing The Habitat III Plenary

The UN’s New Urban Agenda Is Official…Now What?

The statistics are impressive. 30,000 people participated in Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador this year, the bi-decennial conference otherwise known …

Renewable Energy

Corporations Lead in 100 Percent Renewables

This November, Microsoft contracted for a massive 237 MW of wind power in Kansas and Wyoming. Most new electricity generation …

Innovator Of The Week

Urban Innovator of the Week: Terence Patterson

Terence Patterson, President and CEO of the Downtown Memphis Commission, used to be Jerry Maguire. Originally from Memphis, he earned …

Innovator Of The Week

Urban Innovator of the Week: Brandan “Bmike” Odums

Brandan “Bmike” Odums is from New Orleans but has lived all over the world as a “military brat.” This experience …

Robin Chase

Zipcar Founder Robin Chase on Upending the Status Quo

This is the third in a series entitled The Future of Mobility, a joint project of CommonWealth and Meeting of …

Charlotte SKyline

Voters Support of Municipal Bond Packages Nationwide – Opening Up Huge Contracting Opportunities for Private-Sector Contractors

Deteriorating transportation and water infrastructure, the need for affordable housing, school district overcrowding, transportation and public safety needs along with …

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Recent Talks

Looking Backwards and Forward Towards the Next Ten Years

As we look back on the last 10 years of Meeting of the Minds, where were we blind, what trends did we not see coming, and how does that inform the way we see the next 10 years?

Building Great Cities, Public Life, and Creative Citizenship

Great cities are art cities, made up of communities that are fueled by the collective imagination, aspirations, and actions of the people. What role do cultural centers play in instigating public life and creative citizenship in their communities?

Leading Cyber-Threats for Smarter Urban Communities

This session is a tour d’horizon as we assess whether our cyber-problems have gotten worse as technologies are deployed and what we can do about it.

Connecting a Fragmented Ecosystem of Providers: Tackling Hunger in Cities

Hunger is not a problem about food scarcity. It’s a problem of access, waste, and partnerships. Copia set out to change that through a new technology platform and most importantly, teaching us all how to think differently about creatively tackling a complex challenge like hunger.

Parks as the Accelerators of City Revival

Urban parks are an affordable way to revitalize cities while providing proven positive health and economic benefits to residents. How do we ensure every urban resident has a park within a ten minute walk? How do we enable underserved communities to design, build and maintain parks?

Welcome to Meeting of the Minds 2016

Gordon Feller welcomes delegates to Meeting of the Minds 2016.

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